July 19, 2001: Greg Proops

Photo by RD Mathers

Photo by RD Mathers

Master comedian, seer of truth and 15 years later, author Greg Proops came by the Bob Buchman morning show to plug his gig at Caroline's on Broadway.

I was a big fan of Greg's from his days on the UK and US versions of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"  He'd also had a few lines in Episode I of Star Wars and I asked him what it was like to be part if the Star Wars Cannon.  He said, "Oh sweet Jesus, you're one of those people, right? I bet you can recite all the lines from the movie." 

"Just yours and I knew you were doing a combo of all your favorite baseball announcers." 

"Touche, kid. Tou-fuckin'-che"

I stopped talking after that.

Oh, one should notice that he is not wearing a tie or jacket to the interview.  It was July for bloody sake!

Shot on the Nikon E950