Getting Ready For Christmas Day

One day before the big jet airplane takes me back to the homeland for Christmas, I am planning, plotting and packing.

While RFJ won't have an official Christmas Show this year, we've still found a way to stuff your stocking with musical goodies, like this recent gem from the Right Reverend and Rabbi, Paul Simon:



A Little Garage Country For Your Head

A few months ago, the music folks I work with invited me to a listening session with Aubrie Sellers.  It was hands down the best hour I have spent in months.  Not only is New City Blues, an incredible album, Sellers is an amazing artist.

I picked up a digital copy of the record and have listened to it non-stop.  If you're looking for something to get you past all the bullshit we've had to deal with for the last 18 months, then pour yourself a healthy dose of brown liquor and put this record on.  As William Miller's sister said in Almost Famous, " will set you free..."

Here's a clip from the lead track:

The Next Step In A Grand Experiment

Eight years ago I stared the podcast Radio Free Jersey and we did close to 200 episodes.  We have been attempting to get the proverbial band back together and do some new shows, but it's difficult with families and the fact that 1/3 of us lives below the Mason-Dixon line.

We were kind of going to let this fade into the sunset, like say The Turtles or KajaGooGoo.  Then a funny thing happened; people started looking at our dormant Facebook page.  

Then this thought hit me, while Mike, Kate and I can't really produce new shows with all of us in the same place, we can certainly opine here and post the occasional solo quick clip.